Urban Flavorz  program is broken into 3 stages and assigned by year at school. Each student is assessed on a case by case basis and placed appropriately.

"Discover Me" (Pre Schoolers Program) - This is an introductory class to dance, movement, music and FUN! Children work on discovering how our bodies work through fun, exciting and challenging exercises designed to increase and develop  fitness, fine motor and cognitive skills. Students will jump, skip, freeze, move, roll and enjoy freedom of movement whilst learning vital skills such as the ability to follow directions and apply them in specific settings.

"Danze Dynamite" K-2 (Jnr Program) - Students will develop key jazz/dance fundamentals, body development, performance skills and tastes of Urban dance.

"Danze Fuzion" 3-6 (intermediate Program) - Students will develop expantion of key elements of dance,performance,body development through a variety of urban dance and body conditioning.

"Step It up" 7+ (open Program) -  Students will continue to expand and receive advance development of technique, stylisation and characterisation of all urban styles of dance. High level body condition and performance skills and exposure to all styles of urban dance techniques.

 Boyz Program “Boyz Beatz” k-3 (Jnr program) 4-6 (Intermediate Program) and now "Boyz Crew" (7 upwards) Jump.. Move.. Roll.. LET OUT THAT NRG! Boyz Beatz classes are a boyz zone ONLY!  Classes are Full ON and full of everything from breaking techniques and hip-hop to push ups, sits ups and much much more.  Watch your son grow with confidence, increase self-esteem, develop friendships and performance skills. Classes are designed for boyz growing bodies and brains and that endless supply of energy!

 Acro Dancer Program (BBO) - This is a syllabus designed for dancers to implement acrobatic tricks into dance. It teaches flexibility, balance, strength, muscle control, discipline & concentration. Acro is not the typical tumbling or gymnastics class. This class is great for students looking to enhance their agility, flexibility & strength.

All classes are graded and exams are available.

"Develop me" Contemporary Program - Explore, Engage, and Immerse yourself. With this program you will find yourself pushing beyond any limitations you thought you had. Turn, jump, leap and strengthen your body, learn to manoeuvre your body and mind through space and concepts. Develop and learn to finely tune your body to accomplish and express ideas, messages, thoughts and feelings through the medium of contemporary dance. 

"Explore me" -  2-3 (Jnr Program) Students will develop core strength, muscle development, awareness of body, space, timing and emotional expression through the art of performance and staging. Our strong technique base is created through Pilates, body conditioning, and elements of ballet and modern dance techniques.

Engage Me” 4-7 (Intermediate Program) Expansion of key contemporary concepts and body awareness. Further Development of body conditioning and strengthening. Introduction of complex emotional connection and expression through a variety of delivery methods and choreographic skills. Development of performance and staging skills. Our strong technique base is created through Pilates, body conditioning, and elements of ballet and modern dance techniques.


“Immerse Me” 8+ (Open program) Advance contemporary concepts, techniques, body condition and choreography. Advance delivery of complex emotional and expression delivery. Refinement of performance and staging skills. Exploration of interpretation of contemporary works, themes and messages. Advanced partnering skills and body maintenance. Our strong technique base is created through Pilates, body conditioning, elements of ballet and modern dance techniques. 

Please contact our office to discuss the classes, packages and styles that best suit you.