Move with the times!  Experience the opportunities  BIG CITY dance culture has to provide in the Camden Haven.

Wrap yourself in all that movement has to offer !!   

 Movement Studios is a fun, fresh and dynamic place to study the art of dance and movement. Whether you aspire to be  a professional dancer, or just want to have fun and enjoy the benefits of dance, movement studios will personalize a programme to suit your needs. 

Here at Movement Studios,we believe good teaching is the core ingredient to a safe and enjoyable movement experience.  We have a strong focus on freedom of choice so whether your style is Contemporary, JFH (jazz, funk, Hip Hop) or our specialized technique classes, there is something  for everbody!

                                                               Think , feel and move in any direction.


At Movement Studios our mission is 



  •  for fun,fitness
  •  toward a career in dance
  •  because you can !!


  •  Creative thinking
  •   Indivual direction
  •   Personal expresion and passion for dance


  •    High standard of technique
  •    Desired goals
  •    Quality of performance


 Movement Studio's classes are focused towards providing it's student's with the highest standards of technical teaching, offering classes and workshops in new, current and varied dance styles. Providing correct nutritional advice, benefits of exercise for the body and developing anatomical awarness.

We pride ourselves on being a NON competitive school,but rather a TEAM of dancers, moving,sharing and enhancing each others abilities.

Our performance focus is toward intergrating art forms and community calibration.  A formal showing at the end of the year where students get to culminate their skills learned for the year and continue to improve upon their stage and performance skills. An informal midyear showing with close friends and family is also another opportinity to help create and hone performance craft and stage skills.

 Once firmly established, Movement Studio's would like to become a pioneering group in the area dedicated to attracting, implementing and offering workshops to ALL dancers from the Camden Haven /Port Macquarie and surrounding areas. Offering students of the area the chance to experience choreographers/teachers of dance and movement from all around australia in all forms of dance.

If you like what you have read then please do not hesitate to call or email us please go to "contact us" page for futher details.