Supplementary Techniques

All our supplementary techniques on offer are classes that allow students to focus only on there technique and do not perform. These classes greatly enhance students abilities and become a vital ingredient in a dancers training and progression. 

KTL - Kicks, Turns,Leaps.

This exciting class focusses on learning new and popular techniques for kicks, turns and leaps. We encourage all students to attend these very beneficial classes.


S&S - Stretch and Strength 

Stretch and strength is a class designed to extend dancers abilities through specialised stretching and strengthening body/muscle techniques. These programs have been developed for all ages and abilities . We offer  Jnr, Inter, Pre Senior and Open/Advanced options program with the students development and progression our only focus. Run by dancers with personal training and/or  Pilates qualifications, ensures student body safety is also our other main priority.

Body Conditioning

  Developed classes for core strength and advanced flexibility and condition skills. 



Many professional dancers compliment training with Pilates.  It focuses on core stability, co-ordination, flexibility, holistic strength & mobility, underpins their technique so they are able to dance freely & strongly.  Pilates also cultivates an internal awareness, which leads to better posture & confidence in your physicality. All classes at Movement contain elements of pilates, as well as solely dedicated classes.


 Urban Technique

Popping,locking,breaking,waving, these are only a handful of urban techniques. Urban Tech classes are about learning and discovering new styles and developing character and style to urban dance skills. Heaps of fun and always changing, this is a class that will really help quick development and is really popular with the boyz. 

 Boyz Crew

New this year for the boyz !! Boyz only crew for guys out there ready to take it to the next level !! Aimed for Year 7 and above this class is a must. Younger students are able to join on a case by case basis (depending on skill set) not for the faint hearted and definately a class to get your blood pumping !!